Girl in a Hat (2010). Inspired by a painting I came across of a little girl with a towel on her head. Face mesh was originally for a canned female main character for Milo & Kate.

Girl in a Hat. Zbrush sculpt.

Girl in a Hat. 3D printed, mould-made then cast in bronze resin.

Female Anatomy Study (2010). Zbrush, Photoshop and XSI.

Woman with backpack. Zbrush sculpt.

Superman (2011). Zbrush Sculpt. Done while working on Fable: The Journey, exploring the art style we were using at the time.

Greek Warrior (2009). Zbrush, Photoshop and XSI.

Greek Warrior. Zbrush sculpt.

Greek Warrior. Zbrush sculpt of the base anatomy.

Horse. ZBrush sculpt.

Dark Elf girl. Zbrush, Photoshop and XSI. Based on a character in a book I was reading at the time.

Dark Elf girl. Zbrush sculpt.

The result of the first term of a sculpting class I went to (2010).

The second term model from a sculpting class I went to. Cast in bronze resin (2011). Thanks to Richard Hammond for the photos.