Fable: Legends

Managed a team of 8 other artists for this project through pre-production to full production.

Ensured delivery of AAA characters to quality and on time for a 2 month delivery cadence.

Developed character pipeline with the Animation Tools team and Rigging, the customisation tool with Game Tools team and developed the facial animation system and morph target manager in Maya with the Animation Tools team.

Implementation and quality check of assets into the customisation system and Unreal.

Character Art Lead
Lionhead Sudios
Unreal 4 project for XboxOne and Win 10.
Game Type
4 Hero Players vs 1 Villain Player who controlled
the creatures. Fun, hectic and beautiful.

In-game shot of Celeste.

Some more shots.

Celeste in T-Pose rendered from inside Unreal.

Celeste ZBrush. Hair model by Cris Lonergan-White and Richard Hammond.

Spin of Celeste from Marmoset, with and without wireframe, to show off modelling and form. A little bit of material differentiation put in as well.

Some examples of face poses using the morphs i created for Celeste’s face. Rendered in Marmoset, so please forgive the hair not working as it should. I’ll add some more characters when I can.

Examples of Hero outfits. Constructed inside the customisation tool, which I designed. There were 16 Heroes, each with 30 outfits. They also had different hair, skin and eye colours and we had just started rolling out masks and make-up onto some.

Examples of Villagers constructed in the customisation tool. Models by Mike Morton, Ashley Sparling and Cris Lonergan-White

Examples of Villagers constructed in the customisation tool. Models by Ian Faichnie. Additional work by Ashley Sparling and Stephen Davison.

Example texture: Celeste’s dress – Diffuse.

Example texture: Celeste’s dress – Normal.

Example texture: Celeste’s extras – Diffuse.

Example texture: Celeste’s extras – Normal.

Example texture: Celeste’s extras – Multi-Function (Specular, Roughness and Metallic).